Table 4.

Goals Selected by Parents and Children After the Intervention (Instructed to Select 2 of 25 Example Goals)*

Food and drinkEat 5 fruits and vegetables each dayEat less junk food, more healthy snacksDecrease sugary drinks to 1 or none each dayDrink more waterChoose low-fat milk
Eating habitsEat fast food no more than once a weekEat more home-cooked meals with your familyEat snacks and meals at the tableEat a healthy breakfast each dayMake a bag lunch for school
Eat healthier portion sizesTalk to family and friends at dinner tableChew your food slowlyMake eating changes as a familyYour idea __________
ActivityBe active and play ≥1 hour each dayBe active: dance, bicycle, walk, run, or swimBe active and try a team sportBe active and try an individual sportYour idea __________
Child and parentLimit screen time to 2 hours each dayMove television out of your child's sleeping areaHelp your child get a good night's sleepReward your child without using foodWork with school on physical activity
  • * A total of 127 selected 1 goal (13 missing), and 125 selected 2 goals (15 missing).

  • Boldfaced goals (191/252, 75.8%) represent goals that correspond to recommended behaviors found in the Fitwits flashcards and/or physician training.