Table 1.

Descriptive Information for Clinic A Before (2007), During (2009), and After (2013) the Transition to an Open-Access, Patient-Centered Care Model

Clinic AClinic B
Before Transition (2007)During Transition (2009)After Transition (2013)Before Transition (2007)
Full-time equivalent (FTE)* primary care physicians7.
FTE nurse practitioners1.
FTE support staff18.223.129.416.5
Registered nurse4.97.410.43
Registered nurse care coordinator0.6
Licensed practical nurse /medical assistant10.010.613.0
Technician (lab, x-ray)
Total revenue$6,297,991$6,195,565$8,958,7426,084,362
Active patient charts#14,38312,340
Average No. patients/normal work day for physician/Nurse Practitioner15.6/15.617/19
Average number of patients/ hour for physician/Nurse Practitioner4/313/132.2/2.5
Net revenue per operating costs48%51%
  • Description of Clinic B Before the transition (2007). During and after transition data for Clinic B were incomplete.

  • Specialty physicians and their support staff, pharmacists and social worker are not included.

  • * 1 FTE equals 34 clinical contact hours per week.

  • # Active charts includes patients seen in the last two years.