Table 3.

Results of Mixed Model Analysis with Care Manager Acceptance as the Dependent Variable and Respondent Characteristics, Practice Characteristics, and Model Implementation as Fixed-Effect Independent Variables

PredictorsStaff AcceptancePhysician Acceptance
βP ValueβP Value
Respondent characteristics
    Age, years (reference: 50–59)
    Sex (reference: female)
    Professional role (reference: other administrative)Excluded/NA
        Nurse practitioner/physical assistant0.31.006
        Other nurse0.20.022
        Medical assistant−0.09.228
        Practice manager0.24.035
        Other clinical0.40.000
    Job longevity0.01.0320.01.318
Practice characteristics
    Pediatric practice (reference: no)
    Practice size (reference: 5–7)
    EHR implementation change (reference: no)
    Model implementation characteristics
        Average CM job longevity0.13.0280.17.018
        Average embedded CM FTE (reference: 100)
        Embedded CMs, n (reference: 1)
            3 or 40.26.0840.02.919
    CM(s) employer is the practice (reference: no)
    Meeting or exceeding patients/CM standard (reference: no)
  • Practice was treated as a random effect in the model. Boldface indicates a significant association at P < .05.

  • CM, care manager; EHR, electronic health record; FTE, full-time equivalent; NA, not applicable.