Table 2.

Position Categories for 32 Individuals in Five Stakeholder Groups Interviewed During this Case Study of Clinics A and B

Stakeholder GroupPosition Category
Leaders3 medical directors, 2 physician leaders at Clinics A and B
Managers2 quality improvement manager, 2 clinic managers at Clinics A and B
Clinicians at Clinics A and B4 physicians, 2 nurse practitioners
Nurses at Clinics A and B5 registered nurses, 3 licensed practical nurses, 6 medical assistants
Reception staff at Clinics A and B3 front desk/reception staff
  • Individual interviews occurred with leaders (5) and managers (4). Two discussion groups were conducted at each clinic (AM and noon hour). Group sizes ranged from five to six individuals, including a total of 23 clinicians, nurses and reception staff.

  • Financial personnel were interviewed but data are not included in this count or in the report.