Table 2.

Patient and Physician Demographics from Participant Surveys

Patient demographics (n = 506)
    Male sex31.7
        African American30.6
        Asian American and other/mixed5.0
    Age (years), mean (SD)53.0 (16.8)
    Marital status
        Never married or partnered19.6
    Hispanic ethnicity2.3
        Less than HS8.3
        HS grad, some college54.0
        College graduate37.7
    Yearly household income ($)
Physician demographics (n = 32)
    Male sex45.5
        African American15.2
        Asian American and other/mixed12.1
    Age (years)
    Years in practice (nonresidents, n = 20)
  • Data are percentages unless otherwise indicated.

  • HS, high school; SD, standard deviation.