Table 4.

Characteristics of Family Physician Provision of Maternity Care Services by Rurality

Rural-Urban Commuting Area GroupingP Value
Rural (n = 32)Small Town (n = 93)Micropolitan (n = 70)
FPs with hospital privileges4.
FPs who perform vaginal deliveries2.
FPs who perform cesarean deliveries1.
Obstetricians who deliver babies0.50.92.8<.001
Midwives who deliver babies0.
Hospitals with any FP providing maternity care services (%)948961<.001
Hospitals with any FP performing cesarean deliveries757646<.001
FPs providing maternity care who perform cesarean deliveries (%)706367.70
FPs who provide maternity care services, among all physicians (%)847637<.001
Deliveries per year116177464<.001
Cesarean deliveries (%)252629.051
  • Data are mean numbers unless otherwise indicated.

  • FP, family physician.