Table 5.

Qualitative Physician Comments and Parent Comments upon a Visit with the Doctor

Initial CommentsResponses (n)
Physician comments*
    Engaged adult at visit28
    Engaged child at visit24
    Information was received and understood10
    Adult not engaged at visit8
    Child not engaged at visit5
    High-calorie foods problematic5
    Adult confused/in denial about BMI5
    Adult supportive of information and motivated to change4
Parent comments
    Mentioned improved understanding about healthy eating/drinking; informative13
    Positive comment about doctor9
    Increased understanding/knowledge about weight/BMI9
    Positive comment about visit7
  • * Of 53 participating physicians, 39 wrote at least 1 comment; 83 surveys included physician comment(s) about the visit, with 89 remarks listed. Most frequently mentioned comments are rank ordered by frequency of response

  • Of parents, 43 wrote a comment. The most frequently mentioned comments are ordered by frequency of response.

  • BMI, body mass index.