Table 4.

Associations between Degree of Familiarity with the Choosing WiselyTM Campaign and Cost Conscious Score and Low-Value Service Use Score

How Familiar are You with the Choosing Wisely Campaign?P Value*
Very Familiar (n = 22)Somewhat Familiar (n = 35)Unfamiliar (n = 79)
Cost conscious score31.8233.0030.33
    Standard deviation(30.52–33.11)(31.67–34.33)(29.47–31.19)
    95% Confidence interval.002
Low-value service use score6.647.009.89
    Standard deviation(4.29–8.98)(5.24–8.76)(8.39–11.38)
    95% Confidence interval.02
  • * For cost conscious score, only one pairwise comparison was significant: physicians who were somewhat familiar had significantly higher score compared to those unfamiliar with the Choosing Wisely campaign (P = .002).

  • For low-value service use score, even though the overall test was significant (P = .02), none of the pairwise comparison was significant.