Table 1.

Participant Characteristics

Population Cohort (n = 434)Clinic Cohort (n = 433)Combined Cohorts (n = 867)
Household income
    No answer164205364
Insurance coverage for infertility testing and/or treatment
    None, unsure, or no answer310713588366877
    Some coverage other than IVF11126621417320
    IVF coverage133133263
Religious preference
    Latter-Day Saint343793197466276
    Other Christian215409617
    Other non-Christian133102233
    No answer133102233
Religious attendance
    Monthly or less5613631511914
    Weekly or more310713157362572
    No answer10292192
Body mass index (kg/m2)
    No answer368368728
Age (years) at beginning of first attempt to conceive
    No answer004140
Age (years) at first infertility visit
    Not applicable or no answer7517828310
Cumulative months attempting to conceive before first infertility visit
    Not applicable or no answer751741799
  • IVF, in vitro fertilization.