Table 2.

Demographic and Practice Characteristics of 143 Survey Participants

CharacteristicResultParticipants Who Responded (n)
Age (years), mean (SD)51.3 (11.3)135
    Male74 (54.4)
    Female62 (45.6)
    Family Medicine96 (71.1)
    Internal Medicine39 (28.8)
Patients seen/half day (n), mean (SD)10.0 (3.1)133
Does your practice participate in any “value-based” insurance contracts?132
    Yes59 (44.7)
    No42 (31.8)
    Not sure31 (23.5)
Is your practice incorporated into an ACO?132
    Yes53 (40.2)
    No47 (35.6)
    Not sure32 (24.2)
NCQA certified patient-centered medical home?132
    Yes46 (34.8)
    No66 (50.0)
    Not sure20 (15.2)
Familiar with the Choosing WiselyTM campaign?136
    Very familiar22 (16.2)
    Somewhat familiar35 (25.7)
    Unfamiliar79 (58.1)
  • Data are n (%) unless otherwise indicated.

  • ACO, accountable care organization; NCQA, National Committee for Quality Assurance; SD, standard deviation.