Table 1.

Demographic Characteristics of Patient Advisory Councils (PACs)

Site No.Clinic TypeDuration of PACPatient Members in PAC, nMeeting FacilitatorMeeting Language
1Public health internal medicine health center, FQHC1.5 years7 to 9Staff memberEnglish
2Public health family medicine health center, FQHC4 years7Staff memberEnglish
3FQHC10 months15Staff memberSpanish
4Non-profit network of family medicine FQHCs3 years22 patients representing network of 11 practicesStaff memberEnglish
5Academic family medicine health center5 years12Staff and patient co-chairEnglish
6Public health community health center, FQHC8 months12Staff memberSpanish
7Urban FQHC2 years15Staff memberSpanish
8Rural FQHC6 months12Staff memberEnglish
  • FQHC, federally qualified health center.