Table 2.

Results from Adjusted Generalized Estimate Equation Models of Correlates of Talking to a Physician about e-Cigarettes among Those Who Visited a Doctor (n = 2671) and Correlates of Receiving Advice to Use e-cigarettes to Quit among Those Who Talked to Their Doctors about e-Cigarettes (n = 257)

Independent VariablesDependent Variables
Talked to Physician about e-CigarettesReceived Advice to Use e-Cigarettes to Quit
Respondents (%)OR95%CIRespondents (%)OR95%CI
Age (years)
    High school or less131.00601.00
    Some college or university100.730.48–1.09530.740.26–2.06
    Completed college/university200.970.63–1.47650.730.26–2.05
Annual household income
    African American231.720.83–3.57601.290.33–5.07
    Other race201.790.91–3.52792.560.32–20.08
Self-rated health
    Very good211.970.75–5.16730.090.007–1.36
Daily smoking
Cigarettes per day, mean (SE)13.3 (0.86)0.990.96–1.0212.9 (0.88)0.990.93–1.07
Heavy Smoking Index, mean (SE)2.6 (0.09)1.150.96–1.382.5 (0.12)0.870.54–1.40
Intention to quit
Attempted to quit
E-cigarette use
    Never used e-cigarettes71.00371.00
    Tried but no use in past 4 months101.851.07–3.18612.250.63–8.06
    Current nondaily use222.70*1.79–4.05653.621.39–9.41
    Current daily use344.29*2.34–7.84839.40*2.54–34.71
  • Data are weighted estimates. Models were adjusted for all variables shown in the table, as well as weights.

  • * P < .0042, Bonferroni correction.

  • OR, odds ratio; CI, confidence interval.