Table 2.

Multivariate Logistic Regression of Formal Treatment Offer Receipt on Demographic and Clinical Variables

VariablesAny Formal Treatment Offer
AUDIT score1.07 (1.03–1.11)*
Age at screening visit0.97 (0.95–0.99)*
Married or living as married1.61 (0.96–2.71)
Non-Hispanic white race0.98 (0.60–1.59)
At least some college0.72 (0.44–1.17)
Employment category
    Employed1 (Referent)
    Unemployed1.30 (0.63–2.67)
    Out of labor force1.08 (0.58–2.04)
All/most care received at VA1.63 (0.78–3.37)
Readiness to change category
    Precontemplation1 (Referent)
    Contemplation2.34 (0.93–5.88)
    Action2.33 (0.89–6.10)
SF-12 measures
    PCS0.98 (0.96–1.00)
    MCS1.00 (0.98–1.02)
Illegal drug use or prescription misuse1.66 (0.79–3.49)
  • Data are odds ratio (95% confidence interval).

  • * We used continuous measures for age and Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT; full version) score (P < .05).

  • MCS, mental health score; PCS, physical health score; SF-12, 12-item Short Form; VA, Veterans Affairs.