Table 1.

Characteristics of Smokers in Each Analytic Sample

Visited Physician in Past 12 Months (n = 2671)*Talked to Physician About e-Cigarettes (n = 257)
Age (years)
    High school or less20.414.4
    Some college or university33.024.5
    Completed college or university46.661.1
Annual household income
    African American5.46.2
    Other race4.03.1
Daily smoking
Cigarettes per day (n)12.0 (9.3)11.8 (8.2)
Heavy Smoking Index (range, 0–6)2.3 (1.5)2.4 (1.3)
Intention to quit in the next 6 months
Attempted to quit in the previous 4 months
Talked about e-cigarettes
Received advice to use e-cigarettes to quit
E-cigarette use
    Never used e-cigarettes43.118.7
    Tried e-cigarettes/no use in past 4 months12.38.9
    Current nondaily use38.758.0
    Current daily use5.914.4
  • Data are unweighted and shown as a percentage or mean (standard deviation).

  • * The first analytic sample of those who visited a doctor in the past 12 months (waves 6, 7, and 8).

  • The second analytic sample of those who talked to their doctor about e-cigarettes (waves 7 and 8).