Table 1.

Participant Demographics (n = 349)

Age (years), mean (SD)54.9 (15.2)
Married or living as married129 (37.2)
Highest education completed
    Not complete high school18 (5.2)
    High school or GED119 (34.1)
    Some college159 (45.6)
    College graduate or beyond53 (15.2)
    Hispanic92 (26.4)
    Non-Hispanic white184 (52.7)
    Other73 (20.9)
Insurance coverage and medical care
    Insurance coverage outside the VA133 (38.3)
    All/most medical care through VA291 (84.3)
High risk for alcohol use disorder
    AUDIT-C score ≥8 only146 (41.8)
    AUD diagnosis code at screening visit only116 (33.2)
    Both AUDIT-C ≥8 and AUD diagnosis at index date87 (24.9)
AUDIT score, mean (SD)14.4 (7.3)
Mental health symptoms, mean (SD)
    PHQ-9 score5.9 (6.0)
    GAD-7 score4.8 (5.5)
SF-12, mean (SD)
    Physical health score46.5 (11.0)
    Mental health score50.9 (11.9)
Readiness to change
    Precontemplation40 (11.7)
    Contemplation182 (53.2)
    Action120 (35.1)
Drug use in the past month38 (10.9)
  • Data are n (%) unless otherwise indicated.

  • AUD, alcohol use disorder; AUDIT-C, Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test–Consumption; GAD-7, 7-item Generalized Anxiety Disorder Assessment; GED, General Educational Development; PHQ-9, 9-item Patient Health Questionnaire; SD, standard deviation; SF-12, 12-item Short Form; VA, Veterans Affairs.